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About Us

The Only For Sale Or Swap website

For Sale or Swap website was born from the many similar named Facebook groups many of you will have seen and no doubt joined.

These groups were set up by individuals and subsequently joined by like minded people who wanted to sell their products of advertise their business or services to the local community

Now these groups are all well and good but they have no admin for your listings. Which simply put means you have only a limited control over your own posts.

Furthermore when post were made if another 1 or 10 or a 100 posts came a few seconds after yours it pushed yours down the pecking order.

If you wanted or needed to re-post your adverts you ad to start all over again.

Not with

Apart from Facebooks marketplace these groups do not have categories for people to list and search.

You can with

Now we understand that at the time of reading this we may not have as many users as some of the Facebook groups but with your help that will soon change.

WE NEED YOU and YOU NEED US – Help us spread the word.
Start by listing your items.
Then spread the word – By mouth, by sharing on all social media and even carrier pigeon 😉

The more users we get the more chance of selling your product or service.

We are the ONLY and official For Sale or Swap website.

So you can start from Free and this may suit many of you.

As and when you want to you can upgrade to a paid for option which will provide more options.

As the popularity grows you will find just how easy it is to sell you items.

You should find more eyes on you business or services.

So tell the world about


Because this is a new site and we are still actively working on it you may find a few bugs or issues.

Please do a couple of things for us –

  1. Let us know
  2. Bear with us

So let us know if you find anything wrong. We are not looking for suggestions (at this stage) but if something is not working or doesn’t look right or even a spelling mistake let us know.

Bear with us – by this we mean some things take a little while to rectify and your patience is appreciated.

Thank you and clear that clutter.


For Sale or Swap